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The Worst Fabrics for Sleepwear

Sleeping is a human necessity, there are 24 hours a day, and you spend (hopefully) 8 of those hours in bed. That's why it's essential to choose a suitable sleepwear material. Some fabrics are much better than others regarding comfort and breathability. Check out the list below to see which fabrics you should look out for!



polyester isn't great for sleepwear

Polyester is a fabric that looks like it's lightweight but actually doesn't breathe well and has little stretchiness to them. They can be stain-resistant due to the high durability– however, we recommend avoiding them in sleepwear because there isn't much airflow through these types of fabric. Avoid polyester in underwear, shorts and pajamas; Polyester has also shown to cause, or make existing skin problems worse, affecting or causing rashes, itching, redness, eczema and dermatitis. So, if you already have sensitive skin, it’s clear that polyester shouldn’t be in your bed.






Nylon Fabric_sweater


Nylon is a material that is found in many types of clothing. It also serves an essential purpose: trapping body heat! The bad news? Nylons don't absorb water or sweat at high rates. Its low absorbency leaves you feeling sweaty with no relief from its stiff texture on your skin, making it a poor choice for sensitive areas like underarms and the crotch area. Nylon can irritate over time due to the tight weave. Silk fabrics are much better alternatives because they're soft yet durable while still providing excellent coverage.







Synthetic Fibers


Synthetic fibers are made of plastic and have been around for a long time. One type, acrylic, is often used in sweaters due to its excellent heat retention properties and being one of the warmest materials!

However, the main reason acrylic has such excellent heat retention properties is its lack of breathability. The material has horrible ventilation, which makes it great for insulation and heat-trapping. But if we’re talking about lightweight pajamas, it’s best to stay far away from acrylic fabric.






• Improves your sleep quality with breathable, and soft fabric

• Sustainable and minimal effect to the enviorment

• Keep you comfortable all night long

• Help you wake up feeling refreshed

LUX + LUNA's silk sleepwear is an excellent option for those seeking organic material to help them relax and unwind at night. Not only does it provide breathability, but it also has natural cooling properties, which make this type of pajama perfect if you tend to sweat more than usual while sleeping!


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