Tips on how to wash your silk clothing.

How to Wash & Dry Silk Loungewear for Women at Home


Use cool water to prevent the fabric from fading in color, and to reduce wrinkling. 


Instead of regular detergent, use just a little bit of gentle cleanser formulated for delicates. I love:

  • KNIT IQ Delicate Wash (16 fl oz) – Amazon 
  • The Laundress Delicate Wash (16 fl oz) – also available on Amazon


HAND WASH or GENTLE CYCLE in cold water.


Hand wash your silk item then rinse in a sink or basin with cold water to remove any excess detergent. Avoid soaking colored fabrics too long in order to maintain color.

When finished, rinse the item in water until all soap residue has been removed.


Place your silk item in a mesh laundry bag prior to putting it in the machine. I own several of these mesh bags and love the durability and generous size! As an extra precaution, I also turn my items inside out. Wash in cold water on the delicates cycle with other lightweight pieces (avoid washing with heavy items like jeans, towels etc.)


 Women folding silk garment in towel to soak up water.


Lay the garment on a clean dry towel and gently press the water out of the fabric by rolling it up in the towel.

Once finished, hang over the tub or shower, and allow it to air dry. After you are done drying, steam your clothing to help keep wrinkles at bay. 

  • No bleach! Even detergent with traces of bleach can destroy natural fibers and harm silk materials.
  • Remember not to place it in direct light, that causes the fabric to dull.

TIP: You can place your garment on tumble dry (or on LOW heat) for a few minutes to soften the fabric. Do not place on a high heat!


Hanging silk item over tub to air dry





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